Scrutinize the wonders of Dubai desert safari

Desert Safari in the Morning

A dawn safari in Dubai is a wonderful experience because of the chilly morning weather and the first-ever sunlight in the desert. This is one of the Dubai desert safari trips that starts at the crack of the morning and provides a pleasant and exciting experience. Throughout a day safari, all deserts pleasures such as quad bikes, hot air balloons rides, animal viewing, and camel rides are also offered.

Due to the desert sands early splendor paired with adrenaline activities, this safari will undoubtedly be one of the most lovely experiences of your life! During a sunrise scenic drive, you could also do sand skiing, sandboarding, or indeed a sand smashing ride.

Safari in the Dunes with a Barbeque Supper

While being in Dubai, you would go on the desert safari that includes a variety of interesting activities and adventures Visitors particularly like a desert safari with such a BBQ dinner. If you have got a free hour and want to do anything truly thrilling, go on the ultimate desert safari in Dubai. Dubai trip with a BBQ supper in one of Dubai’s luxury restaurants. The safari along with the  BBQ meal is the greatest desert adventure in Dubai.

About two o’clock, in the noon depart from the lodge for a sunset desert safari. The journey will lead you across the desert to the destination campsite, where you will stay the night.

Supper is a lavish occasion, complete with shisha, glasses of Arabian coffee known as Qahwa, Arab dates, and a mouthwatering BBQ dinner feast. After supper, you can sit all around the bonfire and enjoy beautiful belly dancing in the Dubai desert safari while sipping a cup of Qahwa.

Desert Safari Overnight

The nighttime desert safari, which takes place in the middle of the night, gives you more options and bright sunshine for a spectacular astronomy experience. The atmosphere is a little more beautiful and exciting to ride on the dunes late at night because the night is colder and perfect with a running breeze. Stepping in the center of the Arabian Desert is a soothing experience since this beautiful land is a haven of calm and tranquility in the later hours of the night.

This evening desert safari might begin with a delicious BBQ supper, a cultural program, and a desert dune safari Dubai that could continue into a desert camping spend and conclude with an earlier start morn brunch.

Hummer Desert Safari

Hummer Desert Safari has been one of Dubai’s most prominent sporting events. As you embark on an exhilarating four-wheel drive across Dubai’s tempting dessert, you’ll find yourself floating at a fast clip. As the Hummer defends the sands, the 1-hour actual action play might put your heart in your mouth.

After your hummer desert tour, relax and enjoy a Bedouin-inspired setup that includes a delectable BBQ supper, hookah, and traditional entertainment like fire dance, Tanura ballet, and more. The best desert safari Dubai is the Hummer safari, which might also require the previous booking.

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