Read This Article To Know About Logic Vape

Logic pro is known to be a convenient vape pen that contains capsules that are pre-filled with an integrated oil. The capsules are available in a wide range of flavors and different nicotine strengths. They are quite too easy to swap in as well as out. Consisting of 3 parts, it can be assembled.

Such pre-filled capsules come in e-liquid form. It is available in 8 hand-picked flavors and a variety of nicotine strengths. You can get the desired vaping experience you are looking for. Different types of flavors such as Blueberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Vanilla. It constitutes 50% vegetable glycerin, and half of it contains 50% Propylene Glycol. They are known to be based on liquids that help in the distribution of the flavor as well as nicotine throughout the e-liquid.

What does logic vape look like?

The logic vape is considered to be a modern design, and it constitutes single tap magnetic charging. The Logic Compact is known to be perfect on the go vape. It is not easy to assemble since it is already filled with e-liquid pods that magnetically click into the place. There are no other tanks to fill it up and no bits to be screwed on. You have to tap in a pod as well as vape. They can be received in five colors which are Slate Grey, Rose Gold, Cassis, Steel Blue, Scarlet Red, and Emerald green. The particular devices and e-liquid are sold separately.

What are the features of logic vape?

Some of the features of the logic vape are as follows:-

#1. Pocket-sized

Logic Compact consists of a sleek, handy design that measures approximately 10cm.

#2. Magnetic e-liquid pods

Every flavor of the logic vape pod is already filled with 1.7ml of e-liquid. You can also switch flavors and pods by doing just one basic click. Both are not sold together.

#3. Magnetic Charging

You have to tap on the magnetic charger in its place. After clicking, you have to plug it properly into the USB port. It constitutes a 350mAh battery which would be ready to use in approximately 74 minutes.

#4. LED Light

After the LED lights are fully charged, they light up on their own. The LED light can flash for approximately 10 minutes if the battery is low. At the time of charging, the light keeps turning on and off.

#5 Basic pod system

Since it is already filled with liquid which can be clicked magnetically, each pod is filled with a minimum of 1.7 ml, and there are a variety of flavors and strengths available. You can properly swap between the pods between seconds and enjoy your vape time.

#6. Speedy charging system

Its durable battery can be fully charged within 60 minutes to 74 minutes. You have to tap on the magnetic charger to the device end; after that, plugging into the USB port would work.

After the activation of the device, it would automatically heat it.

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