Rayone Racing Wheels Of China The Best 18-Inch Wheels.

About rayone racing wheels

We are one of the top 10 wheel factories in China. We produce casting and forged wheels in our factory. We have the top three wheel brands: Ray-one wheels, Dim wheels, and KS wheels. All these are widely known in Asia and Europe. Our vision is to create a recognized wheel brand. We cooperate with all different wheel brand companies, traders, and auto peers as this help in creating the best wheel for each requirement.

We cover all three categories of the wheel, which are aftermarket wheels, off-road wheels, and replica wheels. We have all types of wheels: mag wheels, car alloy wheels, factory wholesale wheels, passenger wheels, performance wheels, and luxury car rims.

We have three departments: the machine department, the hand coating department, and the finishing department. The manufacturing of the wheels goes to these three departments, and in the end, to the finishing department, we produce the quality wheels. These wheels have high quality and the best design. We focus on the quality and design of the wheels, and that is why our wheels are known all over the world. We have all inches of wheels. If you are looking for 18-inch wheels, the ones below are the best rayone’s  18inch wheels.

All our best 18-inch wheels (rims)

  • DM616

The DM616 was launched in the year 2021. It was named after the DM series. Its mesh design is interwoven and has an emotional, golden finish. This wheel is well suited for cars and sedans.

  • Dm606

This wheel has 10 evenly spaced spokes. The DM606 wheel is both available in black and grey sizes. The DM6016 has a finished signature with a flat center cap.

  • Nf392

It is a sports rim. It has a sharp mesh design and has angular spokes. Its shape is like a deep concave that makes the rim a strong rim. The standard black finishes are black machine face and gloss black.

  • 694

It is a high-performance sports rim from a china wheels factory. It has a matt black finish. it is a perfect choice for cars.

  • Rayone 5014

It is a 3rd generation wheel. It has a 5-spoke blade design that gives it a solid look to the rim. It has two standard finishes: a black machine finish and a gun grey finish.

  • Ks003

It is an iconic style choice and has sharp and clean lines. It is best for those who want to enhance their sporty sedans, crossovers, and 5-lug SUVs. This is a wheel that will make your car stand out from the crowd. It has a black machined finish and an anthracite finish.

  • A048

It offers a classic mesh design. The A048 is available in matte black and hyper-black finish. The style of this is best utilized in the multi-hole design for all models. It has a black matte finish and a hyper-black finish. Cars like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi are best suited for this wheel.

Rayone racing Delivery to all places           

Our wheel products are exported to many countries in the world. We can deliver wheels to all countries. We use courier services for delivery as it helps in lowering the price of delivery. Our international delivery is an express service, which means most orders reach their destination in a matter of days. Our delivery service is the most reliable and best in all countries.

We have 20 years of experience in supplying alloy wheels and tyres in Europe and the world. We completely take responsibility for your order. Your products will get into your hands in the quickest time possible. We use international delivery services using TNT, DPD, UPS, FedEx, and many other world-renowned delivery companies to ensure that our goods are handled with care.

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