Know When will my first period come quiz

Before digging out the symptoms of the first period, it is mandatory to know the menstruation cycle in detail. Hormonal changes in the body cause period. It is a sign that a girl’s overall body is getting matured. It also ensures good reproductive health and well-being. Since change is the first sign of puberty, girls need to take care of nutritional value. Usually, the period cycle stays up to six to seven days. However, it depends upon different bodily factors.

In this article, we will be discussing different symptoms to determine the first-period cycle. So, stay tuned till the last of the article:

What is the primary time that girls get their first period?

Periods depend on different factors. It is not easy to predict period dates. Most girls start having their period from 12 to 13 years. However, some girls get periods too early or sometimes too late. Everyone has a different period cycle.

During these periods, girls need to take care of their health. The hormonal change seeks adequate nutrition and a balanced diet. It is normal to have the first period early or late. But too much delay can give birth to health issues.

What are the symptoms to have the first period?

Some girls have 28 days period cycle, and some have 30 days period cycle. There are some premenstrual symptoms to consider to knowing first-period timing. Good hygiene and food are mandatory during the period days. It is to know that girls must use clean underwear and change tampons or pads after six hours. Well, leaving behind the talks of the periods’ tips, let us now look at the symptoms list:

  1. Acne outbreak.
  2. Having back pain frequently.
  3. Abdominal bloating.
  4. Breasts soreness.
  5. Change in body shape.
  6. Pubic hair growth

White vaginal discharge is one of the common symptoms of a period. There are many myths associated with periods. Even people have different traditions related to the period. So, without much delay, let us see the symptoms in detail:

  • Acne outbreak:

If you have a severe acne outbreak, your body may start having first-time periods. Acnes are the first symptom of periods. It occurs due to the drastic hormonal change in the body. It generally goes when the period gets over.

  • Having back pain frequently:

The period symptoms include back pain too. Girls having sudden back pain may suffer from sudden changes in the body. Since the uterus is in the lower half of the stomach, thus, during periods, girls are likely to have back pain.

  • Abdominal bloating:

Abdominal bloating is very common during periods. It is one of the early signs of the first-time period. Girls may feel tight and start gaining weight. Like the acnes, the abdominal bloating also goes away after the period end.

  • Breasts soreness:

Once the girls attain puberty, they start to have different physical changes. They are likely to experience breasts soreness. It is also known as prematurely swelling or tenderness. Hence, it is also one of the primary symptoms of first-time periods.

  • Change in body shape:

Along with breast soreness, girls have a change in body shape too. The hormonal changes drive growth hormone. So, change is mandatory during the period cycle.

  • Pubic hair growth:

The hormonal change also leads to pubic hair growth. It is a sign of early period occurrence. However, body growth is safe, and there is no need to worry about it. The pubic hair includes hair in the underarms, bikini lines, etc.


So, girls’ do not worry about your first period. Consider the following symptoms and get ready to enjoy the power of being a woman. Check more information about when will my first period come quiz.

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