How To Get A New Boiler Installed For Cheap 

In cold countries like the United Kingdom, a boiler is an absolute necessity for a home. Yet buying and installing a new boiler is a major investment for most families. Boilers are expensive, and their installation cost is even higher. 

It may seem impossible to get it done cheaply, and yet some have. If you are crafty about it, you can slash up to 90% of the costs of buying and installing a new boiler. This is without having to compromise on the quality of the boiler or how long it will last in your home.

Simply comparing prices of the boilers, installation rates, and planning accordingly will get you a new boiler at home without causing a sizable dent in your savings. Whether you are buying a new boiler for a new home or getting your old one replaced, these tips will help you save money and time. It would be best if you got Boiler installation Edinburgh for better installation.

Buying a new boiler 

Replacement or not, buying a new boiler is serious business. Costs of boilers can vary based on the following factors:

  • Brand 
  • Size 
  • Type (conventional, combi, or system)

There are plenty of boilers available in the market, and popular brands include:

  • Worcester Bosch 
  • Viessman
  • Baxi
  • Valliant 

More than 370 boiler brands are out there in the market, which also makes for stiff competition. The prices can range from £600 to £2400. The costly price tag may not always mean the best one. That’s why it is equally important for you to do your research well. Read reviews, check up online, and find the best boiler for your home based on your collected information. Your home and family may have different needs, making this research important for making the right choice.

Getting the boiler installed 

Installation costs for any appliance depend on certain factors. These are:

  • How much work is required to install the boiler
  • How complicated the boiler system is 
  • The location of your home 
  • The engineer you get for the job

Costs for a normal installation without any additional work ranges from £540 to almost £1400. If any additional attachments or work needs to be done, you can expect the costs to rise to almost £2000.

But replacing a new boiler is costlier than installing a brand-new one, as you might require the mechanic to perform a chemical or mechanical flush before installing it. You will require additional money for these services, and they are usually not included in the initial quote given by the company. 

As a consumer, you must enquire about all the charges that may cost you when getting your boiler installed or replaced. Moving pipes, chemical and mechanical flushes will cost you extra, so speak with the company on all costs before going ahead with the installation. 

Getting a new boiler installed is difficult, but the right company can make a big difference. For boiler installations, check out Boiler installation Edinburgh. to get the right boiler installation services for cheap.  

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