How Much Does EICR Cost?

Life without electricity is very intimidating to expect. No discussion should happen regarding the importance of electricity in today’s world. People worldwide use electricity for diverse purposes, like lighting, heating, cooling, operating, and whatnot. The counting will never end for the significance of electricity. 

As the invention of electricity is considered miraculous and very revolutionary. The process of delivering electricity is done by various means, but most commonly via wires and cables. EICR is the required certificate that briefs the inspection of all the electrical appliances or installations within the property. This inspection is essential to ensure the proper working and safety of the occupant’s property. 

The eicr costs are slightly variable regarding different geolocations in the world. There are many misconceptions regarding this topic that need to be clarified. Here, you will acknowledge the complete guide of EICR.

How often to conduct EICR?

There is a heck of many quarries concerning the tenure of eicr inspection and eicr cost. Should we conduct it every year? Every five years? Or every ten years? If you are not sure about it, let’s figure it out quickly.

  • For domestic property, it is advised to get eicr for every ten years or the change of occupancy.
  • It is suggested to get for every five years of tenure for business and private rented sectors.
  • For the properties like industrial installation, the inspection should be more frequent, should occur every three years of occupancy.
  • Hotels and restaurants often require inspection every single year.

How much does EICR cost?

Indecision in the market is exponential concerning the eicr cost. This may vary by the geolocation, age, and size of the properties. Below, discussed points make you familiar with the cost factors in detail.

Location: The location could be an essential part of evaluating the price of the inspection. Different areas have different numbers of electricians and equipment, depending on which prices vary.

Age: It is one of the apparent factors concerning the inspection price. Generally, the older properties with older wirings require slightly more extended time and higher eicr cost.

Size: The larger the size of the property, the longer the inspection takes and the higher the cost.

The extent of inspection: If the equipment worsens and requires extra recommendations and remedial works, the charges may be added.

Why eicr inspection? 

The crucial reason behind the property inspection is to ensure the safety and the proper conditioning of the electrical wiring. The eicr cost may be why most people rebound to take an inspection of their property, but its dire consequences could be intimidating. Inspection can make clear the fault and brokerage of the installation too. And most importantly, a slight charge for precious life would be worth it.

  Examining the tenures and importance can give you an idea about the eicr cost. The inspection is very crucial in every term of property. Your little attention and awareness can preserve your installation property, and let’s not forget the vital factor, i.e., life of people.

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