A waterproof bag is indispensable for scenes

It is convenient to use not only outdoors but also for commuting and business scenes where rain and water are applied, such as fishing and camping. It is sold by many manufacturers including outdoor brands, and the size and type vary. There are also fashionable designs, so you’ll be wondering what to choose.

So, this time, we will introduce how to choose a waterproof phone bag and recommended products. Find the right one for you, right for your application and fashion style! Recommended information service based on thorough in-house verification and expert opinions. Great success in the outdoors!

Great success in the outdoors! What are the benefits of waterproof phone bags?

A waterproof phone bag that allows you to carry valuables and clothing without worrying about getting wet. Because the bag itself is waterproof, it does not take time and effort to remove the cover according to the weather. It is an advantage that it is resistant to sudden rain. If there is one, it will be a big success in the outdoor scene.

How to choose a waterproof bag?

Here are the points that you should always check when choosing a waterproof phone bag.

(1) Choose a shape according to the usage scene

There are different types of waterproof bags. Let’s start by thinking about what kind of scene to use and choosing a shape that is easy to use. In addition, it can be used when going out at a convenience store or as an important small case that you do not want to get wet outdoors.

(3) Choose the material that suits the application

Also, pay attention to waterproofing and durability. Three main materials are used in waterproof bags. Each has its own waterproofing height, so choose the waterproof performance you need to suit your usage. It is a material used for tents and blue sheets, and both strength and waterproofing are perfect. In addition, it is very convenient not only on the outside but also on the inside, so it is very convenient to put wet jackets and towels to take home. PVC with waterproof is a strong ally of waterside leisure.

Boasting overwhelming waterproofing

PVC is also recommended for those who never want to get their belongings. If you want to bring them to the gym or beach shower room. It is often used in fully waterproof phone bags, and it is characterized by being resistant to flooding as well as splashes. In addition, it is also an advantage that dirt such as mud can be quickly removed by washing with water. However, there is also a side that is easy to get stuffy because it is not breathable.

With an air valve, can be compressed quickly

With an air valve, it is convenient for the air in the bag to come out quickly. It is possible to prevent the failure that excess air enters with packing, which is common in the waterproof bag, and it swells. It is also an advantage that it can be folded compactly when not in use. It will be a little expensive, but it is a function that does not lose if you have room for your budget.

Usability is up

If you have a dedicated storage pocket such as a pc, usability is up. If you are in town use, the ease of use is improved if there is a storage pocket the size that a notebook pc, tablet, or b4 file enters inside. What you have when commuting to work and school will be settled neatly. In addition, many special storage pockets are water-resistant, but also have a structure that is hard to transmit impact, and the advantage is that you can carry electronic devices with confidence.

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