A guide to The Laser Hair Treatment

The laser hair removal procedure has evolved into one of the most prevalent cosmetological processes performed in several countries. It is a popular choice for waxing and shaving, significantly for those who want to save time. This minimally intrusive surgery also has the following additional benefits. It accurately treats specific hair, avoids unpleasant intermediate growth stages and eliminates ingrown hair. 

What is laser hair removal?

It is a procedure for removing unwanted hair. This process treats the area, including the armpit, back or bikini region. It is non-invasive and means no skin incision is required.It is not enduring, but the results last longer than waxing or shaving for hair removal. A lot of individuals require about six treatments. Although usually secure, side effects include scars, burns or permanent discolouration. 

What are the initial steps and the preparations?

It is crucial to pick a doctor having a license in a specialized field such as plastic surgery. Your doctor will go through your medical history before starting the process of laser hair removal. They discuss the benefits, risks, and expectations and decide if it is the right treatment choice for you or not. 

It is crucial not to pluck or was for four to six weeks before treatment. It gets needed for the preparation for the first laser hair removal process. These actions temporarily extract the hair follicles and roots that are the target of laser therapy. Shaving gets considered acceptable as it cuts the hair and leaves the hair follicles intact. Shaving before the treatment, before 24 hours, gets recommended so that the laser can find it more easily. The stubble on the hair can burn out during laser treatment and increase discomfort.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

  • The laser hair removal procedure is very swift

Due to the short preparation time and consistent effect (do not apply wax several times to the same area), the laser hair removal process is very swift per square inch of hair removal and some sessions. It lasts for about twenty minutes. The time required will vary greatly depending on the size of the target area. 

  • This procedure is long-lasting

Unlike the traditional methods of plucking, shaving or waxing, where your hair comes back in a few days or weeks. Hair that has gotten effectively removed with laser usually appears only after a few months, and in some cases a few years. When the hair gets restored, it becomes less coarse, lighter in colour, and less noticeable. For some people, the hair disappears forever. In other words, the hair never comes back.

  • The procedure is precise

If a trained and professional technician removes hair, the rays will function correctly in removing unwanted hair. Professional treatment also means that the skin surrounding the hair follicles is undamaged and unchanged.

  • Laser hair removal does not cause any pain or discomfort

The laser that traverses the skin quickly feels like a hot breeze before the laser motions to a new area. This kind of procedure is arguably much less painful than pulling the hair at the root, which happens when waxing sensitive areas such as bikini lines.

  • It is cost-effective

Once you begin this procedure, you do not have to trouble yourself with spending an enormous amount on products like razors, hair removal creams, expensive wax treatments, or other conventional methods. It saves you a considerable amount of money by not paying for the usual procedures that once consumed money. It also saves you a lot of priceless time spent waxing and shaving.

It is a safe and effective procedure for a lot of individuals. This procedure should only get performed under expert supervision. You can get a Full Body Laser Hair Removal treatment by consulting your dermatologist today. 

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